Our Process

The Trim Tech Design Experience

We deliver a custom experience by taking each project step-by-step and ensuring every detail of your vision is accounted for in your finished product.

1. Call

 We love connecting with our customers. The client and a Trim Tech representative speak on the phone to make first introductions and schedule an in-person consultation. Trim Tech specifies what information the client will need for the consultation. The client is also free to share other details they feel are important for Trim Tech to know prior to meeting.

2. Consult

You and the Trim Tech design team will meet for the consultation. This is when we get to know you, your personal style, and which design elements will best achieve your goals.

3. Drawings

The Trim Tech Design team excels at capturing all the detail which means  we creates blueprints of the proposed design based on your requests and space measurements.

4. Changes

Are there any changes? This is your dream project and we want to make sure it is perfect. You will have the opportunity to review the Trim Tech Design renderings and works with our team to make any changes. Final approval is always given by you.

5. Quote

The Trim Tech Design team delivers a pricing quote and realistic timeline based on the final design proposal.

6. Project

Time to for the real fun to begin. At Trim Tech Designs, we have no mass production or large machinery, everything is produced and finished under one roof by our very own artisan hands.  As the design takes shape, your design lead will manage the project timeline and update you along the way.

7. Installation

Trim Tech Designs offer expert worry-free installation and ensures all project details are completed and fully functional. After an exciting final reveal, you’re ready to live in your newly customized space!

Our approach is designed for optimal consistency and quality control across all projects, including yours. Give us a call to begin your design journey today.

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