Maximizing Space With Custom Cabinetry

Maximizing space with Custom Cabinetry. Black custom cabinetry

Are you ready to learn about maximizing space in your home with custom cabinetry? Every home is unique and every homeowner has different cabinetry needs. One consistency, however, is the fact that everyone has stuff and that stuff needs to be stored. Our designers have been around the block when it comes to creating custom storage solutions for clients. Trim Tech Designers, Rebecca and Steve, have designed everything from custom closets to secret sliding doors, so let’s utilize their expertise and find out their top tips for maximizing storage space.


In what ways could a homeowner maximize their space with custom cabinetry?

Rebecca: Custom cabinetry allows the versatility of extending upper cabinets to the ceiling, maximizing space with built-in storage organization which allows less clutter.

Steve: Do you ever marvel at TV shows where you see meticulously organized kitchens, closets, or garage spaces? What you need to understand about those spaces is that they are staged; but more importantly that they are staged with intention and purpose. And THAT is what the advantage of custom cabinetry is! Working with custom cabinetry allows a homeowner the ability to have form meet function.  To have creativity combined with utility to make a purposeful space for their specific wants or needs. Whether it is keeping backpacks and boots contained out of sight, displaying fine china and silverware, or creating a cozy niche to read in, custom cabinetry can open a world of possibilities that is unmatched by more standard box cabinetry options.


Which space do you think is the most important for a client to have ample storage?

Rebecca: As a parent, I believe a mudroom with ample storage is one of the most important spaces to take advantage of with custom cabinetry. It’s kind of your catch-all spot with storage for cleaning supplies, lockers for coats/shoes, charging stations, pet storage, mail storage, etc.

Steve:  The most important space for a client to have ample storage is the space that they find the most pleasure in maintaining. In my experience, the reoccurring theme comes in two main spaces: the mud room and/or the bathroom. These are daily use spaces where the time spent in them is a passive interaction; yet can have an impact on so many things that set the tone for the day, or night. Making sure that everything in those spaces has a place and can be accessed and stowed with ease is not only important but can be therapeutic.


What recommendations do you have for homeowners building custom storage solutions?

Rebecca: Really think about “how you live.” You can have an infinite amount of inserts, storage organization, etc. but if it doesn’t fit your functional daily life it will not be a solution.

Steve:  The best recommendation I can offer any homeowner is to really contemplate their needs and imagine the best solution they can think of. Even the most outlandish ideas can find some form of reality to create some form of storage solutions, or utility. Of course, be mindful of cost prohibitions and limits of available hardware technology. Finding a solution that meets 75% of your imagined idea is still better than not finding any solution at all.


What custom storage solutions does Trim Tech Designs offer?

Rebecca: We can provide utensil inserts, pot and lid racks, spice racks, knife block inserts, hair tool storage in vanities, custom dividers to fit in tall mudroom cabinets to store vacuums/brooms/Swiffer’s, charging stations, and more. If you need a solution, we can build it!

Steve: At Trim Tech, we strive to find the best, most innovative yet cost conscious storage solutions. Sometimes those are found in readily available kitchen accessories such as door mounted spice racks, dual drawer stacked inserts, display cabinets custom sized for Legos or antique collections, or glass top dressers for viewing jewelry. Sometimes those solutions require a custom configuration, like a hidden panel on the side of a cabinet for daily organizers, or message centers. Storage solutions are plentiful, but dependent on the specific needs of the client.



If you had to pick a #1 storage element what would it be?

Rebecca: Tall cabinet in a mudroom with a designated cubby with an outlet for charging my cordless Dyson vacuum.

Steve: Drawer peg inserts to hold your dishes in place inside your cabinet drawers.


Looking for other tips for maximizing space with custom storage solutions or want to discuss a specific project? Submit an inquiry through our website or email us at For more designer insight, follow us @trimtechdesigns on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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