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Building a brand-new home or going through a full remodel can be a daunting experience with all kinds of twists and turns. There are a lot of moving parts that come together to form those beautiful Instagram and Pinterest worthy inspiration photos. It takes time, dedication, patience, and a knowledgeable group of trades to make it happen.


That’s where we come in! Let’s dive in and go through our top tips for getting your build or remodel started. When getting started with a project, you have a couple of options as to how involved you want to be. You can hire a general contractor, a designer or you can work directly with the vendors and manage the project on your own.


Hiring a General Contractor and/or a Designer


The most popular option – If you are planning a full home build or remodel, homeowners typically hire a General Contractor (GC) who manages and guides the entire process. This includes coordinating all the trades that are operating on the jobsite including cabinetry companies, plumbers, electricians, countertop installers, etc. GC’s will often make recommendations to the homeowner on specific trades that they prefer to work with, making it easier for homeowners to select people for the job.


For example, your GC might recommend Trim Tech Designs as a cabinetry company who could help with your new build or remodel. Then, Trim Tech Designs would work in tandem with the GC and the homeowner to create the custom cabinetry. Since every GC is different and homeowners’ needs often vary, you can choose whether you want your GC to be more or less “hands on” when working with vendors. It all depends on your personal preference and how involved in the process you, as the homeowner, want to be.


Hiring a designer is also an important part of the process. Depending on the scope of the project, you may even be working with multiple designers. For example, we have in-house designers at Trim Tech Designs who are experts in all things cabinetry design and have an in-depth knowledge of construction. Depending on the project, working with our designers may be all the design expertise you need. If you are planning a large new-build or renovation project, you may hire a full-time designer to help with whole-home space planning and also pin down the specific interior design details.


Work Directly with Vendors


Another potential option is for the homeowners to work directly with their vendors on a build or renovation project. For example, if a family only wants to redo their laundry room but doesn’t want to hire a GC for the job, the homeowners may choose to work directly with Trim Tech Designs for their cabinetry and lead the communication efforts. That means that the Trim Tech Designs designers would correspond directly with the homeowners about everything cabinetry related.


Not only would you be working directly with your cabinet company, but also with all the other vendors/trades that are needed to complete the job. This option is generally chosen by people who have some sort of background in construction and can manage the entire process comfortably. It is completely up to the individual and their priorities and level of comfort when it comes to choosing a route for your build or remodel. There is no wrong answer!


Trim Tech Designs Build/Remodel FAQ’sTrim Tech Designs builder working in the company woodshop in Naperville, IL.


Now that we’ve got the big questions out of the way – “where do I start”, let’s go over some frequently asked questions about our company’s part in the build and remodel process.


Q: Does someone from Trim Tech Designs come on site and see my space?

A: Yes! When you sign on for a project with us, a designer and production manager will make a visit to your home, measure the space, answer any questions, and make sure everything is laid out how the homeowner wants.


Q: Does Trim Tech Designs provide the drawings for my build/renovation project?

A: Trim Tech Designs designers do provide CAD drawings, but they only cover the cabinetry for the home. They are not full construction drawings with mechanicals.


Q: What does a Trim Tech Designs project estimate include?

A: Our project estimates cover anything that Trim Tech Designs is providing. This generally includes cabinetry, hardware, delivery, and installation. We can also provide things like countertops and lighting if requested.

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